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Our Mission

Movement Church is a dogma-free worship service that is in continual co-evolution with its community of members. Granting a safe container for the exploration of Spirit through direct autonomous experience somatic based movement practices.

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Movement is Life

The Essence of Life is Spirit

The energy within our bodies that pulses our blood, that inspires us to breathe, that animates us to move our limbs is Spirit – we call the great God-force.

This same God-force is the Spirit that moves the Universe, the stars, moons and planets, the rivers and oceans, air currents and cycles of time.


By celebrating movement, we connect with all these great forces of creation and Unify with the greater God-force.  When the Spirit leaves the body, movement ceases and the body begins to decay. Absence of movement = death and decay.

The act of conception requires a beautiful friction between the parents in order for the spark of Life to be initiated. The entire Genesis of Life at the atomic level is characterized as the Dance of Life. When the energies of masculine and feminine fuse in Holy atomic union – rapid cellular growth ensues.

This original Vitality of Spirit is our birthright


Movement brings about Vitality. Movement increases our god-force capacity.

Movement Church is a celebration of the God-force within through the harmonious communion of Sacred Movement. All forms of Intentional Sacred Movement are practiced as a vehicle for direct and personal autonomous communion with the Divine.


Dance, Yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi, Continuum, Capoeira, Martial Arts, Cross-Training, Parkour, Pilates, Ballet, Hula, Meditation and all forms of intentional, somatic-based movement arts are recognized.


We are a multi-denominational interfaith organization dedicated to the unification of all people regardless of race, belief, creed, or cultural background.

We especially welcome those who are thirsty to feel more directly embraced by the Holy Power that created us and all life everywhere. And for those individuals who are ready to fully awaken the miraculous all healing power within their own Soul.

Movement Church is a dogma free religious organization that is in continual evolution co-created in concert with its community of members. Granting a safe container for the exploration of Spirit through direct experience via BREATH MOVEMENT & MUSIC.

Even in Stillness

In meditation, it is the Movement of the Breath which becomes the vehicle for deeper states of awareness to be accessed.

Through observing the movement of the breath, one can reach a profound state of samadhi/nirvana/atonement oneness/communion with Spirit.

Through our daily practice of Sacred Movement we build the God-force within re-vitalizing our innate capacity and to co-create in concert with the Divine, ushering in a new Golden Age of Humanity in the co-creation of Heaven on Earth.

It is toward this goal that all of the activities of movement church are aimed.



Core Values

We recognize the God given right of every human being to be free and Holy sovereign.

We pay homage to the Holy 5 Elements of which all Life is created and sustained by:











Protectors of the Sacred

The preservation of the purity of these Holy 5 Elements is paramount.

Every human being and all life needs pure soil, pure water, clear sunlight, pure air and connection with Spirit to thrive.

Movement church is committed to preserving and honoring these elements.


It is through the purity of these Sacred 5 Elements that the original Vitality of the human being is realized. Therefore, in the creation of a unified community who wants the very best for its children, the preservation and sustenance of the soil, water and air are paramount.

Our community practices include regenerative farming, solar and wind power, rain catchment, clean ocean practices, sustainable building, etc.


We believe that the natural Vitality of the human being is a Holy matter.

The human being was created to become fully realized.

At our highest potential we serve the great God-force and our natural capacity for regenerative Vitality. This innate capacity for regenerative Vitality must be embodied first within the human being and then it can be expanded to include all biological systems in order for the new Golden Age of Heaven on Earth to be achieved.


No man-made synthesized substance of any kind shall ever be required for our Vitality. This original Vitality is given to us by the great God-force and is preserved and sustained through the mindful, reverent application of these Pure and Holy 5 Elemental substances in support of all life.

Our daily practice is the key to the full realization of our truest potential.


The constant stream of Holy meta-emotions are a clear sign that one is firmly on the Spiritual Path





These meta-emotions create a tangible energetic field that supports the further realization of all sentient life.
Activities that produce these meta-emotions are what movement church worship services are aimed at.

Movement church holds a venerable recognition for our indigenous elders.

These people hold a rare and precious wisdom within the community and the sacred relationship they share with the land. Wherever possible we like to include their practices and learn from their teachings.


We regard their sacred sites as Spiritual landmarks that are to be protected and preserved for all people and for future generations.


Here on the magical island of Hawaii we are blessed by the presence of the kapuna, the Spirit of aloha and the practice of ho’oponopono. These gifts are rare and precious, are practiced and preserved by us.

Worldwide Ministry

Movement Church is a dogma-free worship service that is in continual co-evolution with its community of members. Granting a safe container for the exploration of Spirit through direct autonomous experience somatic based movement practices.


Movement church is forming a worldwide ministry of practitioners of somatic based movement arts.  

These ministers are dedicated to sharing the activation that these practices initiate in others. 

Temple Building

Sustainable Sacred Architecture 

Sites are currently being selected for the first wave of Movement Temples to be established in Hawaii, Kauai, Idylwild CA, Asheville  NC, & Bali. 


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